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Transport Manager

Transport Managers are in charge of managing all the large vehicles on a film production. These include mobile make-up and costume units, artist caravans, mobile production offices, and mobile toilet units (known as honey-wagons), as well as HGV lorries and vans for moving props, sets and equipment. Reporting to the Transport Co-ordinator on bigger budget films, they work closely with other crew members, such as the Location Manager, Line Producer, or Second Assistant Director, to ensure that the right number of vehicles arrive, on time, and at the correct locations. This role requires good transport and film industry experience, as well as excellent planning and management skills.


Transport Managers are responsible for directly managing the transport of the equipment required by a film production, such as costumes, camera equipment or workshop materials, to the site of the shoot. Transport may be by mini-bus, HGV lorry, ship or air. Transport Managers are also responsible for managing the vehicles, such as the artists' caravans and mobile production offices, and the Drivers, hired from a facilities company. Transport Managers are responsible for implementing the transport schedule for a production, to ensure that the required vehicles arrive at the right place, at the correct time. In the case of international shoots, this involves managing the transport of vehicles and equipment to very remote locations, and requires considerable planning. On location, Transport Managers liaise with the Location Manager to establish the best places to park the vehicles. They are also responsible for ensuring that the Drivers of facilities vehicles meet the requirements of the cast and crew. In the case of international shipments, Transport Managers work with the Transport Co-ordinator to ensure that vehicles and their contents have the appropriate permits to travel across international borders.


Transport Managers on major film productions need excellent planning and managerial skills to implement what can be very elaborate transportation schedules. They must be very familiar with the geography of the area in which the shoot takes place, or be able to acquire a very quick understanding of it. They need to understand the requirements of key cast and crew members. They must be excellent timekeepers, and pay meticulous attention to detail, to ensure that the transport arrives on time, at the correct locations. They need to be resourceful and adaptable, and they must have a 'can do' attitude. If delivery problems arise, Transport Managers need to rectify them as quickly as possible. As film shoots run to very tight schedules, they must be comfortable working under a great deal of pressure. Above all, they need excellent communication skills, in order to ensure that transport plans are carried out effectively and efficiently. They need a thorough knowledge of driving legislation, and of the Health and Safety legislation relating to transport issues.


Transport Managers are likely to have experience of working in the transport industry, and an HGV1 licence. While no formal academic qualifications are required, Transport Managers need excellent communication, literacy and numeracy skills, in order to carry out their role effectively.

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