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Fashion and Textiles

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Dyed Wool

Fashion and Textiles

The fashion and textiles sector is very diverse, and is constantly changing in response to the demands of the global marketplace.

The sector splits into three broad areas: design, manufacturing and servicing. The common theme running throughout these areas is an understanding of the properties of fabric and yarn.

Find out more about the make-up of the sector and the training and careers opportunities for you by clicking on the links below.

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About the Fashion and Textiles Industry

Catwalk image1

The fashion and textiles footprint covers the whole of the supply chain. It encompasses raw material supply, through all processing stages, to finished goods - as well as ancillary functions such as design, trading, wholesaling, converting and support services.

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Fashion and Textiles Apprenticeships

Creative Skillset Fashion and Textiles Apprenticeships

An Apprenticeship is a programme of learning which builds the skills of the apprentice, so they can make a better contribution to your business.

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Careers in Fashion and Textiles

Gillian Henny

There's an amazing range of career options in the Fashion and Textiles sector - everything from designing aerospace textiles to making, altering and repairing saddles. Find out here which Fashion and Textiles career is right for you

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The Industry Panels

Industry Panels

Creative Skillset is looking for people working in the UK Creative Industries to take part in short surveys either as employers or members of the workforce.

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Business Development

fashion business

Find out more about how Creative Skillset can help your business.

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Standards for Fashion and Textiles


Find out here why the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for fashion and textiles are so important for the sector and how employers can help ensure they accurately describe the skills the sector needs

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Useful Links in Fashion and Textiles


In this section you'll find links to key organisations within the Fashion & Textiles sector. We've grouped them by areas of interest to help you find them in an easier way.

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Fashion & Textiles News, Events and Opportunities

News, Events and Opportunities

Find out the latest news, events and opportunities for those working in the Fashion and Textiles sector

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About Our Work

Clothing alteration

The fashion and textiles sector now has new strategic representation on skills. The UK's 79,000 fashion and textiles businesses have joined Creative Skillset's footprint in a move that will give employers a stronger lobbying voice on skills issues for the future

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