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Careers in Animation

Creative Skillset is in the process of compiling job profiles for all the relevant roles in the animation industry. Through these pages you will be able to explore the different aspects of animation production and find out more about the key skills and responsibilities involved in a career in this challenging sector.

2D Drawn Animation Jobs2D Computer Animation Jobs
3D Computer Animation JobsStop Motion Animation Jobs

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Animation - The Skills Needed

Headcases posh

Want to know what it takes to be an animator?

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Careers in VFX

Choosing a career in VFX

Visual effects (VFX) is the creation of images and sequences for films, TV and commercials that would otherwise be too difficult, expensive or impossible to create on set.

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Runners in Animation


Runners are seen as an 'extra pair of hands' and spend most of their time in the office or delivering and collecting materials - find out what its like in this entry level role...

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National Occupational Standards for Animation

The standards provide the most up to date description of the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to perform the main roles and responsibilities for occupations within the animation sector.

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Understanding Animation

Angelina dancing on the stage

How animation productions go from initial concepts to final products

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Animation Q&As

What's the job really like? And, how do you get in? Take a look at the following Q & As with people actually working in Animation.

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Animation Glossary

NCCA -T Edwards image

This is a short selection of words and phrases commonly used in UK Animation.

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David Sproxton, Founding Director, Aardman Animation

''As co-owner of Aardman my role is to provide an overview and context for all the activity the studio undertakes."

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Getting a job in Animation - 50/50 Magazine

Derek Swain Image- GCADT

Read ahead for more information about how to make that first leap into the ever evolving animation sector...

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Sarah Ball: Director

"I finally got my first job through lots of pestering! I did an animation degree then went on to the National Film and Television School. I started out model making and animating but carried on making my own films in my spare time and eventually got a break directing."

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